Much like humility, authenticity is generally perceived as a rather favorable quality. Though it can often be misconstrued as manipulative or a sign of weakness in a sales environment, true authenticity is very much eminent to an audience.


In sales and marketing we’re often trained to seem authentic, yet our end goal is simply about the sale. Authenticity isn’t something that someone can be trained to achieve, rather a byproduct of character. When you’re actively trying to convey your authenticity, it will come across as disingenuous. Authenticity is about transparency and genuinely representing one’s true beliefs. When exercising authenticity it’s important that your message is honest and that nothing is kept hidden from your audience.


Being authentic isn’t about being soft spoken. Authenticity can be eminent even when it’s delivered in a direct manner, so long as it’s genuine and coming from an honest place. In order to convey authenticity, one must convey their truth.


In a sales environment, a direct approach is often admired. Be upfront about what it is that you’re after and how you’re going to get there. While aggressive, it’s honest, and shows that you’re confident. Rather than try to manipulate people during the sales process, why not focus on whether or not the product or service is the best thing for them? Should someone express interest in your product, open up a dialogue that is sincere and passionate.


Rather than be focused on pleasing your audience, remain the unedited version of yourself. Your business is a reflection of you. If you’re unauthentic as a person, people are less likely to trust your company. Let your true personality shine through and your business will flourish. Despite external pressures or suggested opinion, ensure that the work that you do remains faithful to your character.


As an entrepreneur you may feel obligated to adopt a certain persona, to be more assertive than you actually are. Understand that more often than not, we’re generally attuned to whether or not someone is being authentic. Don’t be afraid to appear vulnerable, it’s something everyone can relate to. By reflecting on your vulnerabilities and being honest about the hardships that you’ve encounter, it builds empathy and shows that you’re being your authentic self! Don’t let the fear of ridicule triumph over the power of authenticity!