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Bevans Branham and his wife, Lorie Branham, are the principals of The Branham Companies, formed subsequent to his graduation with special recognition from the University of Colorado, and being married in 1973.

They have been recipients of world-class training in advertising, marketing & public relations, team-building, hospitality and classical French cooking, gaining recognition for excellence as promoters, producers and developers of award winning advertising campaigns, public relations programs, nationally recognized restaurants/clubs and “home run” venture capital projects. They have been instrumental creating and establishing a unique group of businesses celebrated for success – critically, financially and culturally.

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations & Promotion

Bevans began his business career at a very young age learning the fundamentals of entrepreneurism combined with marketing, advertising and public relations. He was fortunate to work for some of the very best in the business and be involved at a time that was transformative for the advertising agency business with the power shifting from the suits/account service to research and creativity. He developed numerous award-winning marketing, advertising & public relations programs for a compendium of highly successful companies. This process served to form an invaluable base from which to launch his own much celebrated enterprises and help others make their dreams come true.

Restaurant & Club Industry

Lorie and Bevans Branham originated, produced and developed numerous highly innovative, nationally recognized restaurants that changed industry standards, including My Friends Restaurant & Bar, Evergreen, CO – Michael’s, Santa Monica, CA – Gordon’s, Aspen, CO – The Rattlesnake Club, Denver, CO. Later they collaborated with Philippe Starck helping to develop Restaurant BON in Paris – its much acclaimed first organic food restaurant. History validates how this amazing collection of restaurants served to establish the new food trends, nomenclature, and cultural shifts that have been long lasting, sustainable and much loved – changing forever the way America and the world eats, dines and enjoys food.

Venture Capital & Strategic Advisory Services

Bevans helped successfully pioneer the development of the boutique venture capital business in San Francisco in 1981. It was a time of breakthrough biomedical companies, like Genentech and client Diversified Medical Technology, among many others. Notably, Bevans served as a force with the corporate finance team assembled for the search and discovery of the legendary San Jose, the “holy grail” of treasure salvage ships. This venture capital process classically integrated leading-edge research, science, technology and finance with entrepreneurial excellence in this great breakthrough find for all time of extreme cultural, technological and economic significance. Today, the value of the treasure alone approaches $20 billion.

Humanitarian & Non-Profit Activities

The Branhams became active principally in the non-profit sector serving as board members and active participants in numerous non-profit enterprises and foundations, later evolving their own foundation. All the entities enjoyed and shared an affiliation and common focus concerned with facilitating the positive transformation of leadership and society as a whole, nationally and globally – the life enhancement of humankind.

Social Entrepreneurship - Hotel Group, Websphere & Institute

Lorie and Bevans Branham have found social entrepreneurism today is the most sustainable vehicle for making a contribution, economically, environmentally, culturally, and spiritually. They are centering the vast majority of their activities in this spectrum of development during a very rich and rewarding third season of life. Bevans and Lorie are highly focused developing the premier hot, new boutique Hotel Group for couples, worldwide, and associated Websphere – celebrating food, sex and spirituality in an elegant, erotic and constructive manner. Their new Sexual Wealth Institute will serve as an allied entity to the hotel group, facilitating special events, workshops, seminars, literary work and related media tools to inspire, stimulate and help manifest positive life change, relational redemption and ecstatic living for couples.

Importantly, they are the proud and grateful parents of Lindsay Branham, a prize-winning investigative journalist & documentary filmmaker focusing on human rights and social justice issues, worldwide, and Chaz Branham, an emerging gifted entrepreneurial coach/trainer, athlete and strategic advisor in the world of health, fitness and wellness. Lindsay is a graduate of the Annenberg School of Journalism at USC, and the highly selective post-graduate Trinity Forum Academy. Chaz graduated from Pepperdine University, and received his MBA in entrepreneurship from the innovative and acclaimed Acton School of Business.

For four decades, Bevans Branham has focused his considerable gifts and talents in the following main areas of expertise: Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations & Promotion, Restaurants and Clubs, Venture Capital and Strategic Advisory Services, Humanitarian & Non-Profit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship, currently developing the premier hot, new boutique hotel group for couples, worldwide, associated websphere and institute. Let’s look at these areas in more depth for a comprehensive overview!

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41 Years of love & family by God's grace - we are so blessed!

The Cost

The cost of a thing is the amount of life that is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run. Henry David Thoreau